Registration of Birth and Issue of Passports to Minors
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Registration of Birth and Issue of Passport to Minors

Registration of Birth and Issue of Birth Certificate

Parents should ensure that they register the birth of their child as soon as possible as delay in registration of birth might create complications in grant of Indian citizenship/passport to their child. Embassy will be able to register the birth of the child within one year of the birth only. Beyond one year, registration can be done only with the approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Registration of birth can be done online only. Only online registration will be entertained by the Embassy w.e.f. 15.4. 2013 (For detailed instructions and application form, click here).


Issue of Passport to Minors

  • Every child should have a separate passport.

  • The applicants should complete the formalities as applicable for issue of a new passport to an adult applicant.

  • For issue of passport for the first time, a copy of the Birth Certificate issued by the Embassy should also be submitted if it has already been issued.

  • If the Birth Certificate has not so far been issued in respect of the children born under jurisdiction of this Embassy, request for issue of Birth Certificate should be made by following prescribed procedure and paying prescribed fee. It can also be done simultaneously with the request for new passport but prescribed procedure for registration of birth and issue of Birth Certificate has to be followed before passport request for grant of passport to the new born baby can be processed in the Embassy.

  • The child has to sign or put a thumb impression (if he is unable to sign) on the application form which should be duly counter-signed by the parents or legal guardian of the child.

  • In case, one of the parents of the child is unable to sign the documents, another parent should submit an Affidavit (click here for affidavit) in this regard.

  • The Parents of the minor should also submit an Affidavit taking full responsibility for the passport request of the minor. ( Click here for Affidavit and Declaration ).

  • The parents of the minor should give a “No Objection” for issue of passport to their child and submit an undertaking stating that the child does not possess any other passport or does not hold any other nationality.

  • Self attested copies of Resident Permit of the child (if issued) and that of the parents may be submitted. The photocopies should be in colour and legible.

  • Photocopies of passports of parents, and Marriage Certificate of parents, duly attested and legalised should be submitted.

  • In case the names of parents in the Marriage certificate and Indian passport do not match, a duly notarised Affidavit should be submitted explaining the reasons for the mismatch. The names in the passports of the parents will be considered the correct ones for the purpose of issue of passport to a minor.

  • Four photographs as per specifications given on link: Renewal/Reissue of Passports should be submitted.


  Thumb Impression for PPTs for Minors/new born babies:

  • Thumb Impression of children who cannot sign may be put within the Thumb Impression Box itself (and not out of the box).

  • Parents should not sign in ‘signature column' or on/across the ‘photo' on behalf of minor children/infants or children who cannot sign. The parents should append their signatures on the last page of the form just after the thumb impression of the child has been imprinted.

  • If the child's name has been endorsed on mother's passport, then the mother has to fill in a miscellaneous service form (For Application form - click here) requesting for deletion of child's name from her passport.


Please note:

  • The validity of a passport for children under 15 years of age will be for 5 years only for a new passport.

  • Prescribed fee as per Fee Schedule under Consular link should be paid.

  • For applicants in the Islands, a duly paid courier envelope should be kept for return of the Passport.